Get Your Internet Access  
Commonly, people go to China Telecom or China Netcom for Internet access, each has different kinds and charges.
China Telecom: China Telecom basically has three kinds to get Internet access, ADSL, FTTB+LAN, WIFI. They all have their own pros and cons available to different needs. For more information, you can call their customer hotline of 10000, or browse its website, or go to the business place of China Telecom, the document you need to take is your ID card.
China Netcom: Unlike China Telecom, China Netcom has two kinds of systems based on urban and suburb districts, one is definite monthly package system, and the other is indefinite monthly package system. The suburb districts include Fengxian district, Nanhui district, Qingpu district, Songjiang, Chongming and Jinshan, the others not mentioned are all considered urban districts. For the new users of Indefinite Monthly Package System, the first month’s charge is based on the actual using days from the time after installation, and for new user of Definite Monthly Package System, it is charged for half an month when using less than or equal to 15 days, and it is charged for one month’s fee when using more than or equal to 16 days. For any change, the service will be effective from the very beginning of next month.

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