Put themselves

Young star with hope smile on her own shoulder bag, to the south of the bus station! At this time the weather has been dusk, street lights, just count the time, is estimated to be home evening at eight, if we do not hurry up, my mother to worry about that!

On the road, being anxious to run the Young Stars suddenly feel so several shadows, various body light flashing, holding sticks and stones and the like punching yourself from, alarmed.

These people came to Young Stars in front demur, hunting with a straight face, raising his hand will have to play.

Gloomy, the Young Stars Who could not see coming, but does not make them so put themselves to the fight, Leng Heng, fiercely a punch to punch people in the most dyed yellow hair before a person's nose, suddenly , Rattus squatting on the ground clutching his nose, Guikulanghao, blood flow out along the finger joints.

Shining knife sticks in the dark under the lights shining coldness, like these animals and Young star with hatred in general, with a scowl, desperately waving arms, Young Star this year, mostly in school exercise is brute force, only a 'gas gathering Fist', is to allow the base section trainees restrained better cohesion light, this is like fitness coach boxing muscles in general, but useless, but times of emergency, no other technical support Yun He has this boxing better than nothing!

Bang punch, knocked to the ground again after an animal

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Family respected

Although the idea of ​​holy sages hole in today's society is no longer as sought after by others, as in ancient times, but the heritage of millennia hole family also has been flourished, Huaxia Guo dominated the entire education sector power, although the strength a lot of difference with the other three families, but the other three family wants to shake Kong's status is not so easy. Huaxia Guo hole family occupy the entire Yanzhou, and in accordance with the ancient times the distance between the holes in the architectural style of holy sages House, which is adjacent to where the Confucius Temple built a vast estate, the family of the people are living here, antiquity ancient manor seemingly harmonious, but which still has a very discordant place. Kong family who not only built their manor ancient weathering, and in order to commemorate the holy patriarchs holes, even usual dress is ancient look. And more serious is the strict implementation of the hole within the family respected holy sages ritual law system, so that family and Bastard Dizi treatment between naturally vary widely.

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Sitting in front

the cause of death as acid corrosion, as a federal police, he performed outside all year round to the federal task force of strength even Young Star, also lost its way acidic erosion, year after year after year, the disease finally defeated Yang Li's will! In death, even the bodies were brought back was no direct cremation, young Young Stars only see a box casket!

Fortunately, the federal made a pension, and that makes his mother Liu Yan and Yang can eke out their livelihood!

Young Star home is located in the Federal District, 64, is a slum in general exist, the thought of his mother, Young Star and not their own, came seven Academy has been a year already, but has not yet reached extroverted segment capacity, which if told her She should the more sad!

Home without other men, only Liu Yan, a person, a day dedicated, physically and mentally exhausted, just after middle age, has been a bit old, so very little filial Young Star harsh, after thinking it over, think it is telling that he did not reach the outer light put things segment, so she was inviting worry!

The road home! Mom may have been eagerly looking forward to sitting in front of a!

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family ancestors

AD 2015, Huaxia Guo suddenly issued a decree that will Huaxia Guo homeland again divided according to ancient methods into Kyushu, and with it a decree, the Huaxia Guo several thousands of years of family heritage also began to emerge in the world, of which the most massive, most profound heritage, there are four family. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm

    Holes were four family home, Chinese home, male losers and Qin. Chinese family ancestors but Hua, China is the home of the medical skills of many people geniuses, and China all domestic hospitals are now under the control of the Chinese family. Public input is a public family ancestors lost classes, family heritage of all of the public input class skills, Huaxia Guo variety of manufacturing and construction are basically lost family holding hands in public. Qin Qin said ancestors but the Great, the family of the military sector in Huaxia Guo occupies an important position. Legend was undoubtedly the most profound heritage hole home because family ancestors bore hole is holy sages.

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The special tape

so let Dean Young Stars more attention solemn note, look Seventh Star will show what power, but let Yang Xingyu boring is the seventh star this year in His hands particularly quiet, without any exposure to the meaning of its ability, sometimes, Young Star will even forget it's there.

The shape of a skull tattoo cover up actually has two meanings, one is to deceive the public not to let anyone find Seventh Star secular! Secondly, in order to prevent evil and federal 'tara' disassociate themselves.

"Federal presence of evil organization 'tara', they will have large and small internal member body tattoos, which they would within the culture, so only out of a federation so that ordinary people do not tattoo command if your tattoo is others see, if someone reported that anyone not protect you! And your tattoos and extremely special, with the common method simply can not be eliminated, so I just thought of a such a way, do not worry, I can study the special tape and skin become one color, they do not look thin, no one can see that! "

This is Alice's words, only 16 years of age Young Star Sidongfeidong, but he understood the 'evil' represent the meaning of the word!

After leaving the hostel to pack things before, Young Star practices worn around the neck pulled his father portrait, lovingly touched, and then gently Qinliaoyikou, this plug back clothes, continue to hang around my neck.

Young star's father, Yang Li in his four years old when he died

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