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You are only allowed to bring cats and dogs to Shanghai. One passport, one pet. Your pet will go through a 30-day compulsory quarantine by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities. Remember to take the original certificates of your pet, including a health certificate, and a rabies vaccination certificate. The quarantine service will cost you at least RMB2, 000. After the quarantine service, you can apply for your pet license at the local police station, under the name of a local Chinese resident. To complete the application form, you need three photos, one of the pet’s face, one of the side of your pet, and one of your own passport sized photo. Normally, the written consent from the property management company or the neighborhood community is required. Landlord’s prior consent of keeping a pet is preferable.
You can buy one pet at the local pet market, while buying, please choose the licensed and vaccinated one, which will get you rid of the application matters, and can guarantee you the pet’s health.
You can also adopt one from the local animal aid organizations.
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